Sunday, October 23, 2011

My faux cousin...

Jennifer and Dustin got married at the Hilton Hotel Waterfront Resort in Huntington Beach. A beautiful location literally a hop and a skip away from the beach. It's beautiful! So why did I title this post "My Faux Cousin..." well Dustin's last name is Sy...same as mine. I first designed his older sisters wedding a few years ago and we always considered ourselves as family. So now their little brother is getting married to a beautiful woman :0) I love this couple and had such a great time planning their florals etc. Hope you all enjoy the images below...taken with my brand spankin' new camera! 

 This is my favorite picture :0) Sorry Jen, hope it's alright that I posted this!!! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Key West

Oh Key West....You are absolutely amaze-ah-balls :0) 

Today is my last day in this little piece of paradise and I'm braving the flight back to Cali tomorrow afternoon. My little get away is short but sweet. You need more than 2 full days here!! Upon arrival my friend and I immediately went to grad these delicious Chocolate covered keylime pies on a stick!! A delightful treat for sure...needless to say I had a sugar high for a good few hours after that. A lovely dinner at The Rum Barrel  Delicious yummilicious scrumpdillioucious! This place is a must :0) 

Yesterday we went snorkeling, jet skiing and a relaxing bbq for dinner! Gracious host at a lovely home off the ocean with a 40ft boardwalk (picture above) So much fun and I pretty much passed out after dinner, wine and dessert :0) 

The weather here is pretty warm and pretty humid... mid 80's all day! Tons of beautiful lush shruberry, plants and trees. Tropical heaven!

I can't wait to go back to this place and shooting for a week long vacation!  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

D & J

I had such a great time filming this episode with Floral Industry Celebrity J M.H. Schwanke! Enjoy...I look incredibly anorexic in it so don't be alarmed...I'm not! Click on the link below :0)

Let me know what ya'll thought of the vid! xo

Monday, September 5, 2011

Red . Black . White

The sweetest couple! I'm so happy to be part of their wedding memories.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

*Sigh* I'm in love with this one...

So remember my post last year Si no aguantas el calor, sal de la cocina ? This wedding is her bestfriends wedding :0) First of all I had such a great time planning this wedding with the Bride, I love her to pieces and I love her family! Everyone looked absolutely beautiful the day of it was unreal... I, on the other hand, looked like crap as I always do during wedding set-ups...

Second, the venue was at The St. Regis in Dana Point. Oh yeah, she fancy huh! Everyone was super nice and helpful. I rolled in with my screeching Volvo (something was wrong with my struts or shock absorber or something like and I was treated as if I was driving a Bentley. So St. get an A+!

Third (what's with the count down?) Talk about fabulous vendors that worked on this wedding! Annette Hoegner of A Classic Touch Events kept everything organized and made the day through evening flow smoothly. Ridiculously awesome photographer Cean Orrett of Cean One Photography captured every flawless detail... Cean, my apologies for these atrocious pictures of mine, I just can't wait to show this wedding off! Needless to say I can not wait to see the professional images!!!

So here are the said photo's...I'm horrible at editing pictures nor do I have the patience. I need to figure out a faster way to upload, annotate and edit pictures...suggestions?

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!!! I know the image above is not very Americana-ish...I was searching for a red white and blue anything in my arsenal of pictures but I failed so you get a bright and sunny arrangement fitting for the heat that we've been (enjoying?) lately. Needless to say, I'm sporting a very chic farmers tan and I'm almost to the point of dehydration. Ahhhh the joys of summer.

There have been LOTS of good stuff happening at Brassavolas lately that I haven't had time to blog anything!!!

First off we were fortunate enough to participate in an episode of WE TV's 'I do over' with Diann Valentine :0) Talk about chic! I'll post pictures once I unearth them from my phone. Here's the teaser: I DO OVER so watch out for it! I think we're at the last episode. Air date to follow.

Second... We are moving!!! Our new studio is in the process of getting it's hair and nails did! Target opening is September! Stay tuned... in the mean time we are still at our old studio in Chino slowly but surely cleaning, packing and taking lots of allergy drugs.

[[[ New studio address ]]]
Brassavolas Floral Couture
4200 Chino Hills Parkway, Suite 640 . Chino Hills . CA 91709
p: 909.517.2448

I am absolutely excited about this weekend!!! Currently preparing for a wedding at the St. Regis :0) working with fab vendors Annette Hoegner of A Classic Touch Event Planning and Cean Orrett of Cean One Photography

Well...that's it for now. Until next time! Stay cool out there and don't be stupid like me...wear sunscreen!!! XO

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Segerstrom Hall

Another one of my favorite retail client :0) I had such a great time planning the florals for this event. Such a beautiful Bride and beautiful family! I heart them very mucho! enjoy the pics, can't wait to see the professional photos.